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Tips & Advice

Tires, the only contact of a vehicle with the road:
  • Support all of its weight
  • Perform the acceleration, braking and steering commands
  • Absorb obstacles
All Michelin tires have tread depth indicators whose position is indicated by a Bibendum allowing a quick check of the tread depth. Michelin advises you to check it regularly.
Michelin advises fitting the least worn tires on the rear:
  • Less risk of a spin on wet surfaces
  • Better control in difficult situations emergency stop, tight bend
Michelin recommends balancing all 4 wheels when vibrations are perceptible in the passenger compartment.
Note: air escapes naturally from a fitted assembly. Michelin recommends checking tire pressure every month and before long trips. The check should be done on cold tires (add +4 psi if hot).
Beware: never deflate a hot tire.
The valve is an essential independent element which ensures the air tightness of the tire. Michelin advises changing it at every tire change.
Michelin advises checking the geometry to:
  • Improve road holding
  • Increase tire life
  • Avoid irregular tire wear
  • Make fuel economy
Repair From The Inside
  • Specially designed for punctures due to nails, screws, bolts... even on tire sidewalls
  • Quick, easy, efficient and permanent repair
When choosing new tires, it is imperative to fit the same tire and make of tire to the same axle. The speed index and load index must correspond to car makers recommendations.
Adjusting your vehicle alignment makes good financial sense as it optimises:
  • Tire service life
  • Road holding
  • Fuel efficiency
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